Tenant Information

Before you start looking for a rental property you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much can you afford to pay each week (remember that there may be other bills you need to budget for as well like electricity, water and internet that may not be included in your weekly rental costs)
  • Where would you like to live. After you’ve identified your preferred suburbs make sure that you search for surrounding areas too in case your ideal property is just outside
  • What sort of property would you like ie house or apartment, how many bedrooms, bathrooms and car parking spots.
  • Do you have any special needs eg a pet friendly property, proximity to public transport etc

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Now you’re ready to start searching and arranging inspections.

Once you’ve found a property you like you will need to fill out an Application Form and you will need to be prepared to provide 100 points of ID including photographic ID, Bank statements, payslips or proof that you will be able to pay the rent and personal references and details of any past tenancies

At Reece Realty we aim to let you know within 48 hours if your application has been successful and you will then need to make an appointment to sign a Residential Tenancy Agreement, pay a bond (equalling 4 weeks rent) and the first two weeks rent and to complete the Condition Report. In some cases you may be required to pay a holding deposit that will be converted to rent once you have signed your lease.

Once you’ve moved in make sure you have set up for your rent to be paid regularly and in advance. It is now your responsibility to take care of the property. Your Property Manager at Reece Realty will be available if you have any questions and will be in touch to arrange regular routine inspections. If you have any concerns about maintenance issues or there is an urgently needed repair always contact your Property manager first – we have an emergency after hours contact so we should be able to be contacted at all times. If you do not have power or water it is advisable to check with Ausgrid or Hunter Water as appropriate to check any current outages as these type of occurrences are outside our control and can be monitored using their respective websites for expected wait times.

If you have locked yourself out and it is during office hours please contact us to see if we are holding a duplicate set of keys for your property which we can supply with a refundable key deposit of $20. If it’s outside of business hours we may be able to arrange and after hours key service but this will attract a mandatory non-refundable $50 per hour attendance fee. If our staff cannot attend and you cannot wait until business hours you may contact a locksmith at your own expense.

If you experience a maintenance issue during your tenancy please submit a maintenance request form. If an emergency out of business hours refer to our After Hours Information Page.

Your tenancy will come to an end when:

  • Your fixed term lease is expiring and you give 14 days written notice prior that you wish to vacate
  • The owner gives you 30 days written notice that they would like you to vacate at the end of your fixed term lease.
  • If your lease has expired and you give 21 days written notice prior that you wish to vacate
  • If your lease has expired and the owner gives you 90 days written notice
  • If your lease has expired and the property has been sold and the owner gives you 30 days written notice